IMPORTANT: Hillary Clinton Could Face 10 Years in Prison, Says FBI

Western Journalism just posted a shocking video revealing that Democrat hopeful Hillary Clinton could face a decade in prison:

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Posted by Western Journalism Video on Friday, 16 October 2015

Apparently, when Barack Obama was asked by American journalist Steve Kroft about whether or not he was aware of Clinton’s private server, Obama answered that he was not aware and that he had never been informed.

An FBI veteran with 20 years of experience, said that that this is a criminal act of negligence, and that Hillary Clinton could be facing 10 years in prison for this, according to Fox News. Additionally, NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake said the following:

This is a Secretary of State, one of the most targeted individuals by other intelligence agencies and entities in the world, using a private server to traffic in highly sensitive information. And no doubt including classified information and no doubt information including sources and methods. But hey, I’m Secretary of State.”

The last sentence is meant sarcastically: in other words, misuse of classified information would get anyone arrested, but why is it that suddenly the Secretary of State is exempt from such laws?

Drake would know best, as well. Him and Jeffrey Sterling were both prosecuted under relevant laws. On a side note, it’s good of them to own up to what they did, unlike that traitor Edward Snowden, who broke laws and then ran off to Russia to seek refuge there.

So people like Thomas Drake and Jeffrey Sterling are arrested and prosecuted because of these laws…but Clinton isn’t? Very strange double standard that needs to be addressed here.

It’s clear Hillary Clinton is not even in the slightest proper presidential material for the United States of America. If you agree, share this post on Facebook or Twitter, and share your thoughts and comments with us in our comments section on Facebook.