Chris Kyle’s Widow Confronts Obama At CNN Town Hall

Taya Kyle, widow of the late U.S. sniper Chris Kyle whose life was famously portrayed in the book and film American Sniper, confronted President Barack Obama to his face at CNN’s town hall on gun control shortly after Obama’s executive action.

Taya says she agrees with Obama in the sense that his “message of hope” is something she agrees with and something she believes is great. She also agrees that creating new laws gives people hope, but that’s where her agreement with Obama stops. Taya believes that these laws don’t actually stop crimes from happening and that criminals, “by the nature of their crime,” are not following the gun laws.

She notes that no criminals who committed mass shootings in the past 5 years would have been stopped by background checks (many purchased their guns legally), and that as much as she wants hope, she doesn’t want the hope to be false.

Taya points out that people who want to murder will murder, regardless of the weaponry they are using, but she brings up a very interesting point: despite all of the talk of gun violence and murder, America is actually at an all-time low in gun violence, and an all-time high in gun ownership. Media loves to blow anything up for ratings and sensationalism, but things were worse in the United States in the past.

She urges Obama to provide hope in a real way: celebrate where Americans are, celebrate how violence is at an all-time low while guns are at an all-time high, and give them a true sense of hope, not the false hope that his executive actions will provide.

Obama’s executive actions will tighten background checks, increase funding for enforcing gun laws through ATF agents, and increase funding for mental health initiatives. The last of these is definitely valuable, but the other two will not change anything.