Donald Trump Is Once Again Shifting National Focus – This Time To Bill Clinton

The media coverage of Donald Trump has given birth to an interesting phenomenon: a complete shift in national discussions as a result of Donald Trump’s words.

The media has been Donald Trump’s best friend, even if they don’t know it. Every time they hurl insults at him, they’re giving him attention. Every time they say his campaign is over, they make more people aware of him and who he is. Every time they run a smear campaign against him, his poll numbers shoot up. Donald Trump’s first TV spot went on air this week, but until this point, Trump spent absolutely nothing on advertising, because the media practically advertised him for free.

What’s happened after every controversial Trump comment is people begin to talk about the issues he’s bringing up. When Trump talked about the drugs and crime that are coming up from Mexico, the amount of illegal immigrants in the United States, and proposed building a wall, Americans began to realize what those issues entailed. When Trump talked about Muslim immigration, Americans began to realize that could be a problem — and began to talk about solutions.

Now, after Donald Trump is bringing up Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct, something which had been quietly swept under the rug for years, the women who made allegations against him are speaking out once more. Trump is also bringing attention to Hillary’s alleged actions during this time, where she’s attempted to cover up what Bill did. Not only is this bringing new attention to the Clintons’ actions, but it’s spurring a broader conversation about what it means to be a victim of sexual assault. Women who have been assaulted by men in power often have trouble having their voice heard or being believed.

Hillary Clinton appeared in a campaign ad telling women of sexual assault they deserved to be heard and believed. Unfortunately, allegations suggest that she has trouble following her own advice.