Mississippi Town Says No To Refugees

A small farming community in Mississippi has stepped out against Barack Obama’s toxic immigration policies and has said no to bringing more refugees in.

Louise, Mississippi, was an unusual case in the state: where most other cities in Mississippi and even Mississippi governor Phil Bryant said that they wanted no refugees to be brought in because some of them could be members of ISIS, Louise was a community that said they wanted refugees and were okay bringing them in to resettle. In November, a resolution was passed by the town board to bring in refugees, with town inhabitants calling it a “Christian duty.”

But last week, a referendum was held on whether or not refugees should be brought into the United States: only three people voted in favor of bringing in refugees, while everyone else said they didn’t want them. When the votes for the referendum were counted, the alderman who passed the resolution in November repealed it and will not pass it.

The mayor of Louise said he was disappointed by the decision, calling it a “fear and ignorance problem,” and said that if refugees weren’t brought in, the small town would just get smaller.

Immigration and to a broader extent Syrian refugees have been some of the primary focuses of the current Presidential election. The conversation began when Donald Trump suggested building an enormous wall along the border between Mexico and the United States to keep out illegal immigrants, because Trump believed illegal immigrants were the ones bringing drugs, murder, rape, and other crimes up into the United States.

Similarly, terrorist attacks around the world shifted the conversation to refugees being brought in from Muslim countries in the Middle East. Many Americans are suspicious of these refugees, believing that some could be members of ISIS. Democrats retort that there may only be one or two, but even one or two is enough to do a lot of damage.