Muslims Launch Disgusting NY Billboard Campaign

In an effort to get us to accept Islam as the American norm, American-Muslim “comedians” recently launched a billboard campaign in New York, where billboards are being put up all over the city to promote peaceful Muslims. These ads are meant to combat supposedly anti-Islamic ads put up by Pamela Geller in the New York subway system.

Here’s one of them:


“The Muslims are Coming?” How insensitive can you be, and especially in New York? If I put up an ad that said “Muslim Extremists Are Killing Thousands Overseas,” I would be labeled a racist. Yet this is allowed, in the city that saw the worst terrorist attack in American history?


Those terrorists are nutjobs, huh? Of course they are – but why cross out Muslim? It wasn’t Christian terrorists that toppled the twin towers.

The comedians are Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah. What’s weird is how they claim that these ads are meant to be unpolitical in their message, yet are nothing but political in their message, their approach, and their tone.

Here’s the real kicker: Muslims, instead of speaking out against the injustice going on overseas, are instead telling us why we should accept Muslims here. We would – if they showed that they were against what ISIS were doing instead of just claiming they weren’t terrorists.

Thousands of people are killed by one particular group. Terror attacks worldwide seem to be conducted by one particular group. The so-called moderates of this particular group continue to say nothing though. This makes us a little suspicious.

We’re wondering if it makes you just as suspicious. Does it? You can leave us your answer in the comment section. Consider sharing this post to Facebook as well – why are we having this pro-Islamic billboard program when Muslims should be speaking about the extremism. It just doesn’t make sense.