New Trump Twitter Message Shows He Is America’s Future

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been noted for his strength in an area which no other Presidential candidate or President has covered as well as he has: social media. On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Trump manages to get himself out there and heard in ways other candidates can only dream of.

His Twitter page is worth checking every day because he says what Americans need to hear, and one of his more recent tweets shows that if things keep going this way (which they will), he will be the future of America:

Union and non-union members are supporting Trump because they know he will create jobs for them. Traditionally, unions have been associated with the Democrats, and in some cases, more socialist-leaning ideologies and leaders, but even unions are fed up with what’s happened to this country under Obama.

When you can’t put food on your table, when there are no jobs, and when the economic situation is poor, it doesn’t matter whether someone is Republican or Democrat, or politically against your views. What matters is if someone can improve your situation and improve their country, and Donald Trump will do exactly that. He understands hardworking Americans, he understands the middle class and working class, and unlike the establishment candidates, he can’t be controlled and bought by big corporations.

Trump’s loyalty will be to the American people, and the American people are hearing him and understanding this.