Philadelphia Police Officer Shot In His Car “In The Name Of Islam”

A Philadelphia police officer who was shot in an attempted execution while sitting in his squad car is in recovery, and the gunman who shot him says he did it “in the name of Islam.”

Officer Jesse Hartnett of the Philadelphia Police Department was patrolling West Philadelphia at around midnight last night and stopped at a red light, when a suspect walked up to his squad car with a firearm, shooting through the side window of the car. 13 bullets were fired, and Hartnett was shot three times, suffering nerve damage and a broken arm. Despite the damage, Officer Hartnett returned fire and managed to hit the suspect multiple times. The suspect was taken into custody by police. He has not yet been identified but he admitted to the shooting and cited Islamic motivations as the reason why he did it.

Officer Hartnett yelled over police radio that he was hit and bleeding heavily, but after undergoing surgery at Presbyterian Hospital, he is expected to make a full recovery. He is currently in a stable condition, awake, and coherent. Hartnett was called a “hero” on social media by his sister-in-law, who said that it would take more than three bullets to take down her brother-in-law.

If the shooter did indeed commit the action in the name of Islam as he said he did, then it will be the most recent religiously-motivated attack in the United States by a Muslim individual. The San Bernardino, California shooting late last year reignited fears of terrorist attacks occurring on U.S. soil. The recent fears of terrorism have also informed the Presidential election, with candidates like Donald Trump calling for stronger measures against immigration of Muslim individuals, citing security concerns and an uncertainty as to whether or not they can be let in safely.