Trump Wants To Close Mosques And Revoke Terrorist Passports

The only person in this country that has the ability to fight terrorism and extremism right now is completely unwilling to do so – yet all the voices speaking up to fight terrorism that are being heard are candidates for the Republican party. Now, Donald Trump has shown that he is one of the voices at the forefront.

Breitbart News Network reports that Trump vows that any American is caught wanting to go overseas to fight alongside the terrorists, they will have their citizenship revoked without question. Moreover, Trump is also planning on closing down some mosques in America – as many suspect, homegrown extremism begins in a mosque more than in any other location in our country.

Trump said all of these on Varney & Co, a program on Fox News, and he began his comments by pointing to Britain, which had a very clear terror problem, in Trump’s own words. Trump loves America and wants us to be safe – not afraid of terrorism like Britain and even Canada these days. Both Canada and Britain have proposed revoking the passports of anyone who has gone overseas to fight with ISIS. That makes sense for two primary reasons: one, why on earth would you ever want anyone in your country who supports the barbaric and murderous views of those horrible monsters? Get them out as fast as possible. Second, why would you allow someone who has joined a group intent on destroying the country from which their passport came to keep their passport? There’s pandering to terrorism, and there’s outright stupidity – the first is just the second made a hundred times worse.

This is further proof that Donald Trump will make America great again – he knows American is for Americans, not murderers who go overseas to rape young women and slaughter children. Vote Trump 2016!